The Last Of Us

An awesome opportunity and challenge. 65 deliverables in 3 weeks is no joke but we couldn’tbe prouder of our work and everyone involved.

Brand SONY

Partner Joe Greco Productions

Year 2023

⸺ What is the story?

The creators of the video game and the HBO smash hit, The Last of Us, came together to discuss the challenges of adapting a beloved and iconic video game to a successful TV series.

⸺ Who is it for?

Male leaning video game fans who have either played the game or are deeply familiar with it. It also speaks to new fans of the show who are looking for a deeper look into its origins. The secondary audience would be for people who are curious about the show and fans of the actors.

What is this project's purpose?

Mid - funnel entertainment for fans that are already interested in the game and/or show. Ultimately, it’d be ideal to convert players into viewers, and vice versa. Lastly, creating deeper fandom with Pedro and Bella.

⸺ How should it make us feel?

Curious, then fun and excited.

⸺ Highlight

Our editor’s a huge fan of the games and this project was a dream project for him, which was exciting for the whole team.

⸺ What we learned

This project changed day by day, so we learned the value of having a group chat with our clients, whether it’s Slack, G chat, or iMessage.