Our Core Values


We are addicted to progress. We strive for mastery of ourselves and our craft. We’re problem solvers and we’re proactive in our approach. We always prioritize long-term growth over short-term success.


We’re reliable and transparent. We advocate for ourselves. We encourage our employees to be direct and honest with our clients and with each other as collaborators.


We listen, we think, and only then do we execute. Our team practices the Socratic method to develop an open mind and self-awareness. Empathy is the key to our entire process.


The simplest solution is often the best solution. Our approach to story is pragmatic and focused on clarity. Our approach is focused on two pillars – clarity of story and evoking the correct emotions.

"We're a passionate team who’s here to make it happen! And we have created an environment that empowers us to do so - to be ourselves, have a voice, and feel grateful that we get to do what we love."

Grace Santos

Chief of Staff

Team Leaders

Frank Dale Arroyo

CEO and Founder

Grace Santos

Chief of Staff

Brian Chen

Lead Video Editor

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